Hodder+Partners Spotlight: Tom Goldthorpe, Associate Director

posted: 21/08/17

Last month we launched our brand new blog series, Spotlight. This series hopes to shine a light on some of the great architectural minds of Hodder+Partners and discover what inspires them, the styles they love and how they expect the landscape to change over the coming years.

For the second blog of the series, our light will be directed towards our Associate Director, Tom Goldthorpe. Tom’s love of architecture not only ensured him a thriving career, but it positively affected his personal life too. Let’s take a look.


Who is your favourite architect?

My favourite architect is Cristina Tegolo: to the extent that I married her.

What is your favourite architectural style?

(British-European) Rationalism; but I suppose more in the international relations sense, rather than anything influenced by the Italian architectural movements that bear the name.

What is your favourite building/structure?

It’s difficult to narrow it down to any one in particular, but the Pantheon in Rome is pretty awe-inspiring. I’ve not seen it when it’s raining, but that must be quite incredible.

What are your biggest architectural influences?

There are too many to mention: it’s the breadth of the subject that drew me to it.

What will make the biggest change to architecture in the next 5 years?

In the UK at least; Brexit – for so very many and varied reasons that have little to do with architecture, but will set the context in which it will be practised for the next 5 years, and beyond.

What is your proudest achievement whilst at Hodder?

Not succumbing to Stephen ‘I found my second wind, half-wheeling’ Hodder at the finish of the 2011 Manchester to Blackpool cycle race; sorry, cycle ride.


And that’s it!

We will be publishing a new Spotlight blog every month so you can find out more about our team, so be sure to check back for next month’s instalment.

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