hotspur press, manchester

Originally a cotton warehouse named Medlock Mill, The Hotspur Press is situated in Manchester City Centre to the west of Oxford Road Station, Cambridge Street to the east and the River Medlock to the south and west. It is one of the city centre’s most distinctive reminders of Manchester’s industrial past.

The site is designed to stitch into the fabric of the First Street Development Framework which was endorsed by Manchester City Council on 25th July 2012. One of the principal characteristics of the First Street Development was the need to create a fully integrated city centre neighbourhood.

After the first public consultation in February 2018 the initial design was reassessed and now retains the original 1880s curved warehouse. A new-build, mixed-use tower will be built behind the façade, featuring high specification one and two-bedroom apartments and commercial units on the ground floor to accommodate retail and leisure spaces.

The new proposal seeks to retain the most valuable elements of the building. The design maintains the fabric of the original buildings, helping to preserve it for generations to come, while introducing modern elements that enhance the space and providing much-needed city centres homes.

Hotspur Press is more than simply the building: the site is an important gateway from the south along Cambridge Street and from First Street to the city. The iconic signage will be faithfully restored which sees the classic view from Gloucester Street remain.