Stephen Hodder Chairs Climate Education in the Built Environment webinar.

posted: 6/06/23

Climate Framework and CIC today presented key insights on the state of climate education across the built environment sector via webinar, chaired by Hodder and Partners Founding Director Stephen Hodder.

Panellists for the event consisted of Mina Hasman, Sustainability Director & Climate Advocacy Lead; Mina regularly contributes to the wider climate change, sustainability, and wellbeing debate in her role as tutor at various academic institutions, as well as regular speaking appearances at many international events. She is also the author of the RIBA Climate Guide, which equips the built environment professionals with key knowledge to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Alex Tait, Director of Practice at the RIBA; Alex works closely with experts from across the construction industry on issues ranging from procurement, insurance, building safety, sustainable development and ethical practice. Alex oversees the RIBA Plan of Work and the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge.

And Henry Fenby-Taylor; Henry is an innovation consultant delivering digital transformation for the built environment, he is a member of CIC 2050 on behalf of IET, an ambassador for Zero Construct and a supporter of the newly formed Circular Built Environment group.

The event saw 40 attendees respond to presentations and panel discussions focussing on the key industry findings on the state of climate education, as presented on the Climate Framework’s latest report. The report emphasizes the importance of the global Climate Framework Initiative, introduced to accelerate reskilling/upskilling across the global built environment sector. It further describes the Climate Framework’s implementation into the new and existing climate-focused training programmes, as exemplified by the courses hosted by the RIBA, CIBSE and London South Bank University (LSBU) – among others.
The session also touched upon the Climate Framework’s collaborative work undertaken with LSBU to build a lifelong learning programme around net zero design, operation, procurement, leadership and management.

Following the climate change in the built environment discussion, Specification Online today released the below article to urge the industry to go further and faster to tackle climate change:

Industry urged to go ‘further and faster’ to tackle climate change | Specification Online